Historical Fiction


Chasing Pharaohs

Chasing Pharaohs: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

In the aftermath of a battle between the great powers of Egypt and her old foe Kush, Pharaoh Kheper-Re rules Thebes, the city of the golden gates. But his old arch-enemy wants him dead and the very future of Egypt hangs in the balance.

Commander Shenq, leader of Pharaoh’s most elite warriors, will stake all on a plan for defense. The shrewd Commander, unpopular with his superiors, must use his wit and skills to balance conflicting loyalties and ward off the invaders.

In a court where a Hebrew prophet interprets troubling dreams and a bodyguard lies awake tormented by rumors, Commander Shenq comes to realize that the quest for peace has never been more challenging.

Chasing Pharaohs is an expertly written tale set in the mysterious Egyptian desert of ancient lore. Written historically with the knowledge of an archeologist and the passion of a troubadour. . .Strongly character driven, with plenty of action, Chasing Pharaohs will paint vivid pictures in your mind. John Breedon II, Author of Old Number Seven.

The Fowler's Snare

The Fowler’s Snare: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

When a band of Alodian outcasts crosses the border to Egypt, Pharaoh Kheper-Re invites them to compete in a grueling chariot race across the western desert against his bodyguard, Commander Shenq. The prize is great; the winner will be awarded the title of Supreme Commander of Thebes.

Determined to win, Commander Shenq and his team enter the race confronting the most brutal of obstacles. With so much at stake, treachery and sorcery are once again in season as the princes of two rival kingdoms go head-to-head. It is a race that will cost the loser everything he holds dear.

Two rival princes competing for a much lauded prize, battle it out with a chariot race. A simple enough premise, but this story is about far more than that. As if the corrupt motivations of man are not enough, the author supplies a plethora of horrific obstacles to ensure that the eventual winner earns his reward.

What struck me immediately is the quality of the writing and the depth of research which must have been undertaken. The historical detail is spot on and woven in effortlessly. Within a few pages I was immersed in ancient Egypt – behaviours, customs and beliefs.

I like the style of writing, with multiple POVs, pacy, sharp dialogue; beautiful and often brutal imagery and super scene setting. The dreams/visions are particularly evocative and otherworldly and give this whole story a sense of underlying menace.

I hadn’t read the first book in this series and was concerned that because of that I’d be at a disadvantage, but this book can be read as a stand-alone. The superb story telling kept me glued, in cinematic fashion, until the very last page.

Bookworm – Five Star Amazon reviewer.



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